Composing for Haiku Sequence by Stephen James Smith

I’ve really enjoyed working on a series of haiku for poet Stephen James Smith alongside my brothers Kevin and Páraic who were working on the videos. I recorded Stephen in my house and composed the music alongside Billy Donohue from my band Nocturnes. We had a lot of fun recording the poems - some of them are particularly moving and some of them are funny, some of them are thoughtful and earnest.

Stephen is an inspiring guy to work with. I’ve known him since he started the Glór sessions, a music and poetry night which used to run in Dublin a few years back. We always said we would worked together at some point so it’s been a treat to make these videos and also to collaborate with my brothers, all in the same project. Here’s Stephen delivering a brilliant performance on The Late Late in London last weekend.

We’ll have a full video shortly of all the pieces together.


Arena with Páraic McGloughlin

Hi folks,

My brother Páraic made a stunning visual piece which is gaining a daycent amount of traction on Vimeo at the moment. I worked with Páraic on the sound design and music. Check it out below and buy the track here. 

Pretty amazing stuff.

Also, I put out a new track a few weeks back, quietly releasing it digitally. It's called 'Rapture'. You can find it and follow it on this playlist which is a complete collection of recent years' work. There's also an Irish language version called 'Lúcháir'.


Humans / Duine De Chruach

I recorded English & Irish versions of this song because when we were recording it we were asked to do a set at Puball Gaeilge at Electric Picnic.
The track is a hopeful one; it sees that challenges and setbacks are
a part of life and admires the effort we make to overcome such moments.

Listen to both versions of ‘Humans’ on this playlist. Please follow, add and save your favourites on Spotify.

“a subtly-affecting midpoint between balmy electronica and somnambulant ambience" The Thin Air

"powerful vocals" - Nialler9

“conducting lush wisps of electronic synths and beats through the air like a multi-coloured potion of neon cloud" Remy’s Blog