In Movement

Pearse McGloughlin & Nocturnes

In Movement is the second album by Pearse McGloughlin & Nocturnes. It was recorded between July 2010 and December 2011 and released in July 2012.

another album for the wee small hours, a place he seems comfortable (...) a set of songs that, confidently and astutely,carry McGloughlin further along an upwards trajectory... Jim Carroll, The Irish Times

A quiet triumph....Hot Press

While it would be hard for anything to make up for the damp and defeats of this summer, here's one guy who's really trying his best...Harry Guerin, RTE

In Movement is a magical journey that is sure to delight audiences. A must-have.....Oxygen

'Going Away,' (...) all too briefly evokes, almost funerally I would say, the ghosts of departure. A really good album showcasing the talent of this songwriter.. Terrascope UK

charming (...)glorious sounds of autoharp, piano and double bass....2UIBestow

An album for late nights, red wine and self reflection In Movement once again showcases McGloughlin's ability to plough the same emotional furrows as his contemporaries but with a craftsmanship that eludes all but the most talented.................. De/Code

McGloughlin's accomplished schtick is quiet and whispery. Instead of sweeping you off your feet like a tidal wave, this music announces itself by lapping in around your ankles ... Eamonn Carr, Evening Herald


A series of short films by friends and fans set to snippets of the album.


August 17th 2012 — in support of Scroobius Pip, Clarence Hotel Sligo

September 1st 2012 — Electric Picnic, Mindfield, Puball Gaeilge, 4PM

September 21st 2012 - Nighthawks, Oxfam, Parliament Street, Dublin

October 6th 2012 - Hard Working Class Heroes Festival, Grand Social, 8.30pm Dublin

October 28th 2012 - Fading Light Festival, Kerry

October 31st 2012 - Brown Bread Mixtape, Stag's Head, Dublin

December 1st 2012 - McGarrigle's, Sligo

December 8th 2012 - Young Heart's Run Free Collective CO-OP, Newmarket Square

March 8th 2013 -Urchin Collective Launch, Bewley's Café, Dublin

March 9th 2013 - Nighthawks, Cobalt Café

March 16th 2013 - Brixton Windmill, London 8.00

March 17th 2013 - The Horse, Waterloo, London 7.30

April 3rd 2013 - IDIOT SONGS De Barra's, Clonakilty, Cork

April 4th 2013 - IDIOT SONGS Roundy Room, Cork

May 1st 2013 - Guest to Peter Doran, Bewley's Café Theatre, Dublin

May 3rd 2013 - Guest to Gavin Mulhall (EP Launch) Odessa, Dublin

May 17th 2013 - Mutant Space, Roundy Room, Cork

May 18th 2013 - URCHIN COLLECTIVE present Fia Rua, Smith and Reilly and Idiot Songs @ Gulpd, Cork

May 22nd 2013 -(Idiot Songs) Brown Bread Mixtape, Dublin Writers Festival, Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin

May 29th 2013 - URCHIN COLLECTIVE curate Brown Bread Mixtape,Assorted Urchins, Jinx Lennon, Mumblin' Deaf Ro', Erin Fornoff, Stag's Head, Dublin

June 21st, Bookworm, Beijing, China


July 11 2013: The Sugar Club, Dublin

July 21 2013: De Barra’s, Clonakilty, West Cork

July 23 2013: Gulpd, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork

July 27 2013: Knockanstockan Festival, Co. Wicklow

August 4 2013: Castlepalooza, Tullamore, Co.Offaly

August 6 2013: Spirit Store, Dundalk

August 7 2013: Black Box, Belfast

August 8 2013: Odessa Club, Dublin

April 25th and 26th 2014: Banshee Lodge, Fribourg, Switzerland

May 16th 2014: Cáca Milis Cabaret, Arthur's, Dublin

May 22nd 2014: IDIOT SONGS Dublin Writers Festival, Button Factory Dublin

May 28th 2014: Cáca Milis Cabaret, Arthur's, Dublin

May 29th 2014: Ranelagh Arts Festival, Dublin


Pearse McGloughlin released his debut album Busy Whisper in 2009. The album met with a warm reception while a video for Ways to Kill a Werewolf won an IMTV award for Best Male Video. In 2010 a four track EP entitled Twine was released after which Pearse dropped everything and set about finishing In Movement. The album is out now on Urchin Music

Credits: photography by Kieran O'Donoghue, design by Stephen Kiernan.
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This is the new project I'm currently working on with Justin Grounds. It's called Idiot Songs