Pearse McGloughlin is an artist and songwriter from Sligo, Ireland.


He has released four albums to critical acclaim: Busy Whisper (2009), In Movement (2012) and Idiot Songs (2013) in collaboration with composer Justin Grounds while 2016 has seen the release of ambient folk-noir collection 'The Soft Animal' by Nocturnes. Pearse's work often deals in literary and philosophical themes; Idiot Songs drew largely from Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Idiot while In Movement reworks John Keats and Carson McCullers. His music has been described as captivating, elegant and nuanced and has featured in The Irish Times, BBC Northern Ireland, RTE 2FM, Lyric FM, Radio1 as well as at festivals such as Body and Soul, Electric Picnic, HWCH, and Other Voices Music Trail.




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