Artwork by Eoin MacLochlainn

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Pearse McGloughlin & Nocturnes

Hi everyone, and happy new year. I hope 2019 is one of health and friendship, family and happiness!

We are playing our first show of the year in Hawk's Well Theatre, Sligoon January 19th. If you are about, we'd love to see you there. I'm really glad that my uncle Eoin Mac Lochlainn is providing the artwork to accompany 'Ag Ól, ag Ól ag an Garbhóg' which we will launch in Sligo, fittingly. The beautiful image is from an exhibition by Eoin which was at the Olivier Cornet Gallery exploring climate change and particularly the significance of trees. One of the verses in the song (written with Enda Reilly Music) is:

'An tuath seo lán\/ de cuimhne soleir 
Dath ór/ tine ar-an uisce 
Fuaimeanna na h-oiche sna crainnte'

which roughly translates as

'This land is full of bright memory
The golden colour of fire on the water
The sounds of the night in the trees'

So, I felt that line was connected to the painting by Eoin. I'll share the new version of the song here shortly.