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Green Sleeves | In Movement

Recently I was at an exhibition of Irish records in The National Print Museum as the sleeve for In Movement was being exhibited there alongside lots of  albums ranging from the 1950s up to the present day. It's safe to say there've been many dodgy album covers. Also, there've been lots of quite strange looking people on album covers. I was honoured to be included. 

In Movement is an album design I'm proud of and kudos must be given to Stephen Kiernan (a talented drummer and graphic designer) for bringing it to life. We did a creative shoot for the cover with Kieran O'Donoghue, whom I'd met via the Life's No Picnic On the Streets project I had worked on with Depaul Ireland. Kieran also allowed us to use some of his very fine photography from an exhibition he had based around Chernobyl and the vacated areas there. Truly powerful work.

As we wandered around the exhibition I felt the whispering of Yeatsian ghosts; 'What then.?' sang Plato's ghost. 'What then?' I know how much labour and effort can go into a record. And here was but a small portion of releases. Phantoms of yesterday. Forgotten, mostly. 'Look upon my works ye mighty and despair'. Bit of that. But how could it be any other way? 

I often get people asking about this cover. There's a trick there. Can you work it out?  




Dear reader, welcome to my newly designed website where I will keep you up to date with news of my pursuits and endeavours. The site has been designed by Mr Stephen Kiernan (who designed the vinyl release of In Movement) and once again he has done a fantastic job. Many thanks Stephen.

On the near horizon I have plans to play some Idiot Songs gigs with Justin in January as well as a host of new songs to put to record. More on that anon.

Right now, it is nearing Christmas so best wishes of the season to you and yours,