the soft animal

HUMANS { new live video }

Last week there was an open call for the Other Voices IMRO Other Room. I thought it would be fun to turn our rehearsal into a live recording of a new song as a submission. So, my brothers Kevin and Eoin came up from Sligo to shoot us in Billy's place. We set up quickly and did a couple of takes. One mic, two cameras. I'm very happy with it as we don't have many live recordings of Nocturnes and there was a lovely natural energy and momentum in the evening. 

Big thanks to Billy, Niamh and Séamus for allowing us to turn their house into a makeshift studio and to Kevin and Eoin for doing the visuals so well.

We will release the studio recording of the song before the year is out. 

In the meantime, our next stop is Nighthawks at Cobalt Café on October 7th.

Be sure to see the flowers,


New Video for 'On The Mississippi'

 Hi there,

Thanks for dropping by. Here is a video I made for 'On The Mississippi' taken from our recent album 'The Soft Animal'. The track was originally a sort of lullaby I sang with my daughter. Then I started thinking about the lyrics a little and it became a song about beginning afresh, a song about redemption. I shot the video in Louisiana. 

If you like it you can support us by buying the track directly from:



Alternatively, if you are a Spotify user, you can help us out by saving 'On The Mississippi' and adding it to your playlists. 

Thanks a million,


Single Launch for Dear Infant


Our next show is in The Bello Bar on April 30th 2017 to mark the single release of 'Dear Infant' a track about creativity, family and vulnerable connections. Delighted that support on the night will be from Ella Naseeb. Thanks to Fionn McArthur for the brilliant poster image. FB page is here. 

Farewell 2016

Hello friends,

I hope you are keeping well.

2016 was a big year for Nocturnes. We released our new album 'The Soft Animal' on Bluestack Records and played some special shows around the wonderful island of Ireland which included performances at ALS, Sligo Live, HWCH, Culture Night, Cairde Arts Festival, Beneath The Air and in-studios for Today FM, Radio One and BBC in Belfast. The year was capped off by 'The Soft Animal' being named as one of Dan Hegarty's Top 20 Irish albums of the year while Culture on RTE called it a 'favourite Irish record of the year'. With so many unique and compelling albums coming out in 2016 we were thrilled with the response.

Thank you so much for your support of Nocturnes in the last twelve months.

Below is a video we made for 'Heikegani' which features the vocals of Adrian Crowley who we were honoured to have sing on the song. We're big fans of his.

And so into 2017,

See you out there,